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We are considered by our clients to be an objective, trusted advisor that engages in providing transformational cultural and technological change. Our consultants have in-depth, real-world experience of working closely with a company’s management and operational teams. We assist businesses in transforming management structures, people and technology processes, as well as providing a wide spectrum of technical services to improve productivity and execution.

We are technology and process agnostic and work closely with you to build the right solution based on your business needs.

We, the founders of Ascension, experienced in our own respective corporate careers, saw the need for transformative progress. We were tired of traditional consulting engagements and projects that never seemed to end or to get the adaquate results. Our goal is to come along side you and facilitate a positive, long lasting change and then move into an advisory role as needed, leaving you in control of your destiny.

Proven Record

More than 25 years of business and technology experiences ranging from Start-ups to Fortune 100 Corporations.

Cultural Expertise

Where two or more work together, culture is at the core of performance. Ascension understands and is effective in directing corporate and multi-cultural teams.

Personalized Services

For a team to succeed, the people need to engage and participate in team success. Ascension focuses on overall success by evaluating and optimizing the individual to work within a team or to transition out.

Transparency and Clarity!

“All is fair in love and war” – Maxim from 1579 Ascension believes in clarity and real transparency. We tell you and show you the truth without filters. This fundamental practice has allowed us to get at the heart of issues fairly and with higher levels of definition!

What Our Clients Say!

He always brings true value, and any organization would be fortunate to have his involvement

Eric Whitelaw CEO Interactive Performance Solutions

Ascension is a professional consulting firm and valued business partner that our firm has utilized for strategic business planning, technology conversions and operational consulting.

Susan Stringer President Brighton Group

I found Ascension-TG through Paul Scott, to be a guiding light in focusing and assisting iFusionIT in our business growth

Mel Silver IfusionIT

We engaged Ascension in a year-long process to reengineer our company’s operations. This included replacing hardware and software to match system integration and performance requirements as well as coaching and mentoring staff at all levels of the company in redesigning work to improve efficiency. Paul’s genius was being able to move in alongside our staff, establish trust by quickly understanding the functional work, and backwards-designing and implementing new systems and work procedures – while not skipping a beat in maintaining legacy systems. He brought on technical experts for specific aspects of the conversion and they all worked seamlessly with the company’s staff. It was a magical transformation process. Today, our revenue has grown 62% since the day Ascension walked in the door, but our staffing has increased only 24%, the result of his design and execution.

Rick MacCornack CEO Northwest Physicians Network

Ascension brings many years of executive experience to the table for both IT and business, which gives them a very unique perspective. While working with Ascension they demonstrated innovative idea generation, vision, and was and is very results driven. What I enjoy the most about working with Paul is having robust debates to create exceptional solutions. I will hire Paul again when the next challenge comes up!

Bryan Eppler University Mechanical Contractors