George Lucas, famed Star Wars creator once mused, "The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want." Lucas clearly articulated the value of technology as a tool. People always are at the center of creation. Stars Wars was made by people; however, technology made the movies out of this world! As Chief Executive and Senior Partner at Ascension Technology Group, Paul's core values place people at the center of any technological change. Paul, Mark, and the Ascension team provide consultancy services to focus on innovative disciplines for businesses seeking to ascend to higher levels of growth. Balance between people, processes and technology are indispensable. Paul is very experienced in bringing balance to any organization.

Paul has been a technology and management leader for Fortune 500 firms such as Alltel Wireless and Lucent Technologies as well as smaller mid-size firms. Paul was privileged to negotiated an $8B/ten-year deal and provided senior leadership for many M&A activities and other high level business development actions from new ventures such as to large firms like Alltel Wireless.

Paul is an astute analyst and strategic global thinker leveraging creative means to solving complex business problems. Paul continues to inspire world-class individuals and teams to develop new business opportunities, to reach high performance goals, and to achieve successful business outcomes.

On a lighter note, Paul loves golf, but is terrible at the sport! So don't expect much from him at a tournament.

Please feel free to call him and discuss any management and/or technology questions you may be facing.


Strategist and leader with over two decades of experience in the technology industry. Direct experience managing cross-cultural teams in product and engineering organizations. Elected to the Washington State House of Representatives. Contributor to several local and regional boards and commissions.

Specialties: Technology strategy and assessment, organizational vision and leadership. Providing consultancy services to focus on innovative disciplines for businesses seeking to ascend to their respective level of growth.

Focused on providing technical leadership, planning and implementation for business transformation and IT services across the organization. Advises on specific technology selection, implementation and training to enable the change brought through organizational change.