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Yes, T-Mobile/Sprint is a good deal for all!

Someone recently asked me, whether I thought the T-Mobile/Sprint deal should be approved.  I responded quickly YES, the deal SHOULD be approved.  This is good for the companies, shareholders and consumers.  When I worked within the DOJ Transition Trustee Group for the Verizon/Alltel deal, I was fortunate to see, from the inside, how the deal … Continue reading Yes, T-Mobile/Sprint is a good deal for all!

Cybersecurity: It’s still about fundamentals.

At Ascension, we spend a good percentage our time, improving business functions for our clients. We work with the organization through effective process change and implementations of modern technical solutions.  Without question, we are seeing security becoming top of mind for leadership.   Many organizations are becoming fearful of the almost certain prospect, that they will … Continue reading Cybersecurity: It’s still about fundamentals.

Connected Cities

Smart or Connected cities is an exciting new strategy.  Ascension and one of our premier clients have been involved in new initiatives.  The other day, when attending a technology leadership summit, a colleague and I were pontificating on the disparate nomenclatures involved with smart cities.  It reminded both of us of the confusion during the … Continue reading Connected Cities

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